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yellowDog : creative

We love to partner with designers.

At CyberScribe Web Solutions, we love to code. We design, too, but we dig partnering with designers and marketing agencies to turn their masterpieces into living, breathing doing-work web sites!

Many of the projects you see in our portfolio are the result of partnering with amazing graphic artists like Julie Schmidt and crew over at yellowDog : creative  (check out the gallery below to see some of the projects we've partnered on with Julie).

We believe one of the most important things our clients can do is to develop and maintain their brand; so if a client has already worked with a designer to develop their logo and branding, we like to maintain consistency by encouraging the original designer to design the client's web site, too.

Maintain the look...

As a designer, you put a lot of time into making your web designs beautiful, so we work hard to ensure the final product is as close as possible to your approved designs. Supply us with your .psd or .png files and we'll convert them to code for you -- and if your client wants, we'll get your design set up on a content management system. We'll even brand the CMS for you, if you want!

If you're a designer looking for a coding and programming partner who know their XHTML and CSS3 inside and out, get in touch. We would love to chat with you about how we can help each other!




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