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Web Hosting Explained


Any web site you want to display on the Internet must reside on a computer, or web server, that is specially configured to display web pages on the Internet. 

These high-powered servers are designed to reliably and quickly load your web pages, and they also handle your email accounts, stats packages, and several other functions for your web site.

So, in order to put your site on the web, you need to either set up your own server or "rent" space on a web server. 

At CyberScribe Web Solutions, we provide low-cost, reliable hosting only to our own development clients. This puts us in a consistent development environment and saves our clients several hundred dollars in configuration costs with each project. Because we know exactly how these servers are configured, we can quickly set up new applications and projects, and then pass the savings on to our clients.

CyberScribe Web Solutions bills for web hosting once per year, and that payment covers all of your basic hosting costs* for the entire year. 

* There are additional charges if you have a security certificate on your site (required for collecting credit card payment information).