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2016 Blog Archives

We've seen that number prove itself over and over again in one of the custom apps we developed for a commercial trucks sales franchise. This sales app tracks the number of times a salesperson contacts a potential customer, and those numbers consistently show at least five to seven points of...
Understanding AWStats
by Rod Clayton
AWStats is a great stats package, and it comes free with your hosting service if your site is hosted by CyberScribe Web Solutions. You should plan to regularly review your site stats -- by understanding what's going with your site statistics, you'll better understand how to actually use your web...
Marketing and living for the long run... Triathlon, if you do it right it, can be a tough sport. But it's rewarding, too. Since I first stumbled my way into this addictive sport, I've learned a few do's and don'ts. Like, don't ever mistake the cup of Gatorade for water...
5 essentials for any web site
by Rod Clayton
A quick check to see if your site is on track... 1. Get to the point. Web users aren't looking for War and Peace. They want info, and they want it now! Research has shown that web visitors tend to quickly scan a page for information, and if they don't...